NEW VIDEO ALERT: Beyonce And Nicki Minaj - "Feeling Myself"

Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj just released the video for their 'Feeling Myself' collaboration off Nicki’s 2014 album The Pinkprint and it is causing quite a frenzy already.

Click HERE to watch the video and let us know what you think. Enjoy.

(PHOTOS) The Carters Aka Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy Take On Thailand For Vacation!

It's pretty safe to say that no one has a more exciting vacation life than The Carters, well at least judging from their photos.

After spending Christmas in Iceland The Carters made their way to their next vacation destination spot; in Thailand. The family visited Phuket and we have a few photos below showcasing their trip.

(PHOTOS) "Omeeka" Aka (Onika) Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Are The Newest Hip Hop Couple

The rumors have been circulating for quite a while now and neither Nicki nor Meek have actually admitted to their "love" relationship, however they're not hiding it anymore.

Last night Meek took to instagram and posted a selfie of him and the rap queen Nicki Minaj. The caption was simply the "monkey covering it's eyes." take a look below

Nicki also posted the same selfie minutes later with a caption that lead her fans to believe that they were on a set of a video. She later (less than an hour later) however posted the following photo saying she was just joking, that it wasn't a video shoot. I guess she left the rest to speculation. Hmmmm... 

Nicki has left so many hints and clues that her and Meek have been somewhat involved. Even in her "Buy a heart" song which is off her new Pink Print Album she talks about hr hesitation for being with Meek even though it feels right. Check out some of the lyrics below.

Rahmeek, I’mma have to tell the truth if I speak 
Unless you want to play, you ain’t say this the other day 
You said you was in love, and I still didn’t budge 
Cause I already seen how you be going in when you be in them clubs (I’m not even sure if this is right but, it feels good) 
I could tell you was analyzing me, I could tell you was criticizing me 
I could tell you was fantasizing that you would come slide in me and confide in me 
He could tell that I was wifey material He was liking my style in my videos 
I wasn’t looking for love I was looking for a buzz 
So at times I would lie and say I’m busy, yo 
Cause its too much, and its too clutch 
Who wants rumors of the two of us 
But when you’re away I can’t get you out of my mind 
But what if I met the one and your wasting your time 
But you waited 

In numerous interviews, when Nicki has been asked about Meek her demeanor changes and she becomes blushful, every time without fail. It's safe to say that with the release of their selfie picture, they've announced to the world what we don't have to speculate anymore.

But catch this, isn't it ironic that these selfie pictures come the same night Nicki's ex Safaree Samuels was spotted out with his new girlfriend? Something to think about.

Well folks, it's safe to say "OMEEKA" is in the building!

[SOURCE] Instagram

(NEW VIDEO) Watch Wizkid's Official Video For "Ojuelegba"

Wizkid, dubbed the African Justin Bieber by MTV is back with a fresh new video. .

"Ojuelegba" is the 5th track off Wizkid's "Ayo" album and was inspired by his experiences and sojourn in and around this part of Lagos, Nigeria (Ojuelegba). It was directed by Clarence Peters and produced by Legendury Beatz. The song has been out for a while, now catch the video below and share your thoughts.

Tyrese Announces Release Date For His Last Solo Album "Black Rose" + Documentary & Book

Tyrese Darnell Gibson swept us off our feet when we first met him in a 1994 Coca-Cola commercial. The phrase "Always Coca-Cola" undoubtedly opened doors for Tyrese as he found opportunities in modelling and so much more. He eventually pursued his singing career; something he had effortlessly been doing from the age of 14.

In 1998 Tyrese was signed to RCA Records where he released hits such as "Nobody Else," "Lately," & "Sweet Lady" which earned him a Grammy Award.

From his debut Album"Tyrese" he released his second studio album "2000 Watts" and went on to release three more albums after. In between Tyrese has managed to solidify himself as a highly sought after actor as well as an author, proving to the world that he is a force to be reckoned with.

After a successful 2013-2014 with "TGT" (a group comprising of Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank) he announced that he would be releasing his very last solo album entitled "Black Rose." Tyrese took to Instagram a couple of days ago and said the following about "Black Rose," - "Sad but true - this is my last- This Black Rose documentary- double album and book - is my graceful bow - You... The fans will say... I left you with my best... I left you with my heart..." 

Black Rose as he announced, is set to be released on May 5th. (5.5)of this year.

RnB enthusiasts and fans will find this quite saddening indeed but Tyrese is such a multifaceted and gifted individual that he has so much more to offer the world. With that being said, he is spreading his wings; lets let him fly.

Check back in with for more updates on Tyrese and Black Rose.


(PHOTOS) Looking For Relationship Goals? See How Beyonce & Jay Z Spent His 45th Birthday

Earlier this month Jay Z celebrated his 45th Birthday. Only now are we actually getting a chance to see how he spent it as Beyonce posted some photos on her website this week.

It's evident to see that Beyonce and Jay Z are crazy in love with each other. If you're looking for relationship goals, you are going to swoon over these pictures of The Carters as they celebrate Jigga's birthday.

The pair took to Iceland and it seems as if they had an amazing time. From helicopter rides to motorbiking in the snow and waterfalls, The Carters vividly show you how to celebrate and have a great time. Take a look at some of the pictures below and let us know what you think.

(NEW VIDEO) The Pink Print Movie - By Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has undoubtedly become a household name around the world. With her colorful persona and witty lyrics, it is no question that the rapper will go down in history as a name to be reckoned with among the greats.

With the release of her new album The Pink Print, she has also now released The Pink Print movie which she promised fans way ahead of time.

Watch the movie below as Nicki flaunts her acting skills. Ladies, take note; the movie also features the sexy Boris Kodjoe. We won't say much, just watch below.

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