[SNEAK PEEK TRAILER] The Jacksons: Next Generation - Coming To LifeTime

Following in the footsteps of their iconic family's unrivalled career, the next generation of The Jacksons are giving you a look into their day to day lives.

The upcoming Lifetime show: The Jacksons: Next Generation promises to give fans an intimate view at the lives of Tito Jackson's sons, TJ, Taryll, and Taj, as they continue the family business as the band 3T. Several cameo's are made, one of them being the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner.

But in a brand new Trailer for the show, scheduled to premiere on October 2, it is the late Michael Jackson's eldest son Prince Jackson, 18, who delivers the laughs, reminding his family that they were not responsible for creating the twerk.

Watch the Trailer - Click link below: 

Trailer: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/the-jacksons-next-generation/video/season-1/episode-1/the-jacksons-next-generation-coming-in-october-preview-clip

[PHOTOS] Spotted At Verizon’s Go90 Sneak peek Event Sanaa Lathan, Christina Milian, Gabourey Sidibe And More

"The perfect guy" Star and recent rumored girlfriend to French Montana, Sanaa Lathan was spotted at Verizon’s Go90 Sneak peek Event which took place in downtown Los Angeles, California.

During the event, Sanaa Lathan and Christina Milian teamed up for a selfie. The Ladies looked immaculate.

Also at the event was "Empire" actress Gabby Sidibe, Zoe Saldana, Luke James and more. See more below.

Photos courtesy of GETTY

Oh No - Mama Dee Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Arrested For Walking Out On Restaurant Tab

Mama Dee was celebrating her birthday this weekend in Milwaukee. We are sure it was all fun, until she was arrested for supposedly walking out on a restaurant tab.

The reality star was celebrating her birthday with a few friends and apparently when the bill was given at their table no one wanted to pay for it. The bill came up to about $500 but everyone at the table refused to take responsibility and as a result they walked off.

Mama Dee was held in detention for a few hours until she posted bail of $250. At this time there is no update of who may have posted her bail.

Now isn't this something.

[NEWS] Drake's Opened A New Restaurant In Toronto By The Name Of Fring's

According to Now Toronto, the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late star has opened up a restaurant in his hometown, catching even some of the city’s closest cultural observers off guard. Called Fring’s Toronto, the restaurant is a collaboration between the rapper and the renowned Hong Kong-born, Ontario-based chef Susur Lee, along with contributions from the famous food entrepreneur’s sons Kai and Levi Bent-Lee. (The Bent-Lees together run a Toronto restaurant called Bent.) Fring’s is in the former space of Crush Wine Bar, which shuttered its doors in June. Now Toronto reports that the restaurant’s final menu has not yet been set; while the launch party included beef sliders and tuna tartar, the publication notes Drake’s proclivity for the city’s many esteemed Italian kitchens. 

Celebrities including Serena Williams and Jaden Smith showed up at the opening, along with many faces who might be obscure to the average hip-hop listener, but are major players in the North American food scene. (Members of the Kennedy family, famous for their specialty French fries, were in attendance, and are rumored to be adding their touches to the kitchen.) This news comes after Drake opened a Toronto nightclub that he named in honor of his late grandparents. His album-length collaboration with Future, What a Time To Be Alive, is projected to move some 500,000 units in its first week of release.


[NEW VIDEO] Ludacris Fights Duality In New Visual: "Grass Is Always Greener"

Ludacris is torn between two worlds in his latest video.

He's a world-renowned entertainer but he also wants to remain true to himself. Call it the rapper's duality. Society expects its rappers to be a certain way, Ludacris knows this and buys in to a certain extent, but he has other interests.

The duality of a rapper's career can be confusing. The subtext of "Grass Is Always Greener" is, or should be, that it's ok to be a successful emcee and also be a good family man.

Click Here to Watch

Tyrese And Rev Run Score New Relationship TV Show On OWN: Talking Love, Marriage And Sex

After their successful New York Times best selling collaboration on the book Manology, Tyrese and Rev Run will join forces once again for a new relationship talk show on Oprah’s OWN Network centered on men. The show which is yet to be titled will revolve around the duo dishing advice to lovers everywhere. It will feature a live audience, celebrity guests, and a social media platform where viewers can ask their burning questions on relationships, love, marriage and sex.

We're definitely excited about this upcoming show which will start airing early next year. We will keep you updated on any other news from this duo.

The President Of The Spokane Washington Chapter Of The NAACP Rachel Dolezal Has Been Ousted For Disguising Herself As African American For Years

Rachel Dolezal the President of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP is apparently not African-American, even though she’s been trying to disguise herself as such for years.

According to reports, the parents of Rachel Dolezal, who is also a chairwoman of the city’s police oversight, revealed their daughter is actually Caucasian. Dolezal's parents say that their daughter has been deceiving people for years and the truth must now come out.

Dolezal also reportedly has been teaching Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, and received her master’s degree from Howard University. 

Members of civil rights organizations in the Spokane area say Ms. Dolezal has claimed that she is part African-American. Claims that she received hate mail in late February and March generated much local media coverage and more than a little skepticism. Below is raw footage of an interview where Rachel Dolezal walks away when asked about her race.

Rachel Dolezal still has yet to comment or answer to the question of her race. We will keep you updated as the ongoing story continues.
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