Kendrick Lamar Talks Grammy Nominations, Meeting President Obama & More As He Covers Billboard Magazine

Kendrick is definitely soaring high right now as he covers the latest issue of BILLBOARD.

In a couple of weeks Kendrick looks forward to taking home as many Grammy Awards as possible as he boasts a total of 11 nominations at the 58th Grammy Award ceremony.

The cover story see's Kendrick speaking on meeting with President Obama, his "To pimp a butterfly" album, The Grammy's "winning it all" as well as his plans for 2016.

Below are a few excerpts below and check out the full cover story here. 

The importance of To Pimp A Butterfly “The album just had a deeper impact than I expected, because it touched so many homes, and not just in my own community. I guess I’m just speaking words that need to be heard in these times.”

The difference between GKMC & TPAB “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is great work, but it’s not my best work. To Pimp a Butterfly is great. I’m talking about the connection the record made. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City made a connection. But To Pimp a Butterfly made a bigger connection.”

On potential new album “As far as content, what I want to get across, I have an idea,” he says. “But even that’s still premature. Once I get back in that studio, things evolve into other things.

[NEW MUSIC] Yo Gotti: Down In The DM - Remix Ft Nicki Minaj

Yo Gotti has just dropped the official remix to his hit single “Down In The DM” featuring none other than Nicki Minaj. We heard a snippet of it last night but now the full remix is out! Check it out below and share your thoughts.


[PHOTOS] Tinashe Gets Seductive As She Covers Complex: Check Out Her Sexy Photos!

On the recent cover of Complex the magazine enlisted songstress Tinashe to adorn the cover. Complex visited Tinashe at her home for the feature.

Tinashe, last name Kachingwe, still lives at home with her family in a suburb 30 miles north of Los Angeles. As you can imagine, continuing to live a middle class life when you’re floating through the pop charts creates some difficulties, such as mysterious individuals leaving love notes on the family’s front porch.

Her family is unfazed by the trappings of fame, however. Her brother mentions Tinashe’s photo shoots and concerts in the same breath as his younger brother’s basketball games, as if each has the same weight as the other. To the family, they do.

Get more on what she had to say to Complex HERE

[NEW VIDEO] Beyonce & Coldplay Head To India For "Hymn For The Weekend" Visual: Watch Here!

Ahead of their Super Bowl performance, Coldplay has released the official visual for "Hymn for the Weekend," their collaboration with Beyoncé off last year's album A Head Full of Dreams.  The video was filmed in Mumbai, India & the clip features Chris Martin and company touring the city and taking part in Holi, the festival of colors.

It is also note worthy that there's also a cameo from Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood star. Watch below.

Coldplay recently announced their world tour behind A Head Full of Dreams. They'll also be performing alongside Beyoncé at the Super Bowl.

[VIDEO] Kanye, Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Feud On Twitter And Ray J Releases "Curtains Closed" Visual

Today has been eventful to say the least.

Twitter was ablaze as Kanye and Wiz Khalifa went in on each other on twitter. The twitter fingers were in full action. (This all started because Wiz put up a tweet that included "KK" Immediately, Kanye thought the "KK" that Wiz was refering to was none other than his wife, Kim Kardashian)

To cut a long story short, Amber Rose eventually chimed on her twitter with tweets directed at Kanye and shut him down with one tweet. See below.
This single tweet alone lead Kanye to delete all his tweets directed at Wiz. (Hmmmm... Side eye raised)

This was one big mess. Click here to see the back and forth between Kanye and Wiz

As fresh is this feud is, twitter world is already waiting to see if Ray J will speak his mind via twitter on the Kanye and Wiz feud.

In the meantime as we wait, Ray J took it upon himself to release the visual for his latest release "Curtains Closed."  Watch below and let us know what you think.

[NEW MUSIC] Rihanna Releases First New Single "Work" - Ft Drake From "Anti" Album

The long awaited first single off of Rihanna's  new album "Anti" is here. In this first single she collaborates with Drake, making this their third official song together.

Apparently the visuals for the single have already been shot and you may not have to wait long to witness the greatness.

Going back to her roots as usual, "Work" is a pop, reggae infused track. Have a listen below and let us know what you think.

Oh My! Man Threatens To Kill Beyonce On Instagram: Mama Tina Knowles Reports Him To Authorities

This past weekend, Tina Knowles posted a selfie to Instagram using a selfie light designed by her Beyoncé‘s stylist Ty Hunter, but someone on Instagram decided to use that photo as a place to go on a murder-threatening verbal rampage.

Someone posted on the image threatening to assassinate Beyoncé. “I’m going to assisinate your daughter,” Instagram user Aviante4921 wrote. “Master plan I could only imagine what that blood smells like.”

Both fans and Lawson were quick to respond. “I have your account reported to the FBI @aviante4921,” a fan wrote, “Never think that because you are posting anonymously that you are anonymous from the authorities. This is a very heavy thing to say and you will be in Custody maximum of one week from today.”

A photo posted by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

Lawson added, “Thank you Jfintel I just reported him to the authorities as well they are on it. As he just threatened murder and sexual assault in a public forum and is obviously a sick cowardly uneducated racist pervert.”

Talk about some sick people in the world!

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